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How To Upgrade Your Diesel Truck | Diesel Performance

So.... You have a diesel truck and you want to upgrade it. You've come to the right place! At Freedom Diesel Performance, we offer a wide range of Performance, Suspension, Lighting & Accessories for your diesel pickup or chassis cab trucks.

What's the most important, most effective mod that can be installed on a diesel truck?

The answer: A tuner, programmer, chip... whatever you want to call it, the outcome is the same: increased horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel economy.

Now, if you get a device with custom tuning capability, you'll have the options of upgrading your turbo, injectors, fuel system, exhaust, etc for just about unlimited performance potential. Examples include EFI live, MM3, HP Tuners, etc.

If you are happy keeping your truck mostly stock, or adding only light mods, a preloaded devices without custom tuning will still offer impressive performance gains, monitoring gauges, and features. We have both types of devices (custom tuning and preloaded) available .

Although tuners are the best way to get started, and essential to any performance build, there are tons of other parts and accessories that can be installed to make your truck perform, look, and ride better. Check out our parts below or give us a call for recommendations and package building.

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