Bully Dog Sensor Station & Pyrometer Probe

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Bully Dog Sensor Station & Pyrometer Probe

  • -- A Powerful Accessory for Bully Dog GT & H&S Mini Maxx Owners.
  • -- Add thermocouples, speed, boost, & liquid temperature sensors and more.
  • -- Docks for 2 Pyros and 4 Analog Sensors
  • -- Protect the Well Being of Your Truck.

Bully Dog Sensor Station & Pyrometer Probe

The Sensor Docking Station is a great, and easy way for you to check on the well-being of your vehicle. This accessory is custom made for the GT and Watch Dog product lines as well as H&S Mini Maxx. It makes it easy to install aftermarket automotive sensors onto a vehicle and then display those sensor values on your GT, Watch Dog or Mini Maxx.

Kit Includes

  • Docking Station with 6 Sensor Inputs (2 Pyro & 4 Analog)
  • Pyrometer Thermocouple
  • Power Wire Harness
  • (2) Ring Terminal Connectors
  • Additional Installation Hardware

Recommended Add On Sensors

  • Extra Bully Dog Pyrometer
  • 3-wire analog sensor (pressure sensor)
  • 2-wire temperature sensor (transmission temperature or air intake temp)
  • 2-wire frequency pulse sensor (optical tachometer)

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