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  1. Auto Meter P73003 - Spek-Pro™ Direct Fit Boost/Pyrometer/Transmission Temperature A-Pillar Gauge Kit

    Provide Superior Accuracy 

    • SIZE:2-1/16" (52.4mm)
    • Digital Stepper Motor Digital Stepper Motor
    • 0-60 PSI/0-2000 °F/100-300 °F
    • LED

    Feature Points

    • 7 color user-selectable background illuminations (red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, and violet) with adjustable brightness for day and night - with independent dimming of dial and pointer.
    • Configurable "High" and "Low" warnings using three on-instrument-face buttons
    • Pro-Control output enables a 1.5 amp load to activate a relay and trigger your choice of warning lights, external buzzers, fans, pumps, or features such as water/meth/nitrous injection.
    • Features a peak recall function, which enables the user to review high gauge readings. The highest reading will be stored by the gauge until it is cleared.
    • Includes patented light-weight, spin-on bracket and pre-wired harness for simplified installation.
    • Patented Wide Angle dial design provides the largest viewable dial available in a 2-1/16" gauge.
    • Precision 280° brushless stepper motor movement provides a quiet, fluid, and accurate pointer movement with superior dial resolution.
    • Made in the USA
    • Fits: Dodge RAM 2010-2017
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