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  1. Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System for 2010-12 6.7L Cummins


    • Supports up to 750HP with stock Holset charger and over 1000HP with upgraded chargers.
    • Compatible with most Borg Warner S400 frame chargers and stock-based Holset chargers
    • CNC machined and laser cut flanges for flawless mounting to your Cummins engine
    • Fully TIG welded with precise settings to produce beautiful welds and optimal penetration without impacting air flow
    • The overall design and location of all components allows easy access and installation
    • Can be used with Pusher 3.5" Mega Passenger-Side inter cooler tube
    • Designed to work with stock and most "stock replacement" aftermarket exhaust manifolds
    • Full steel intermediate charge pipe with a port for a boost sensor
    • Front mount 5" Cold Air Intake with hidden sensor ports and massive Pusher 50 CAL Air Filter
    • The Intermediate Exhaust Pipe is routed for optimum exhaust flow with minimal impact to surrounding engine bay components and is hydro-formed to smoothly transition and match the S400 turbine inlet
    • Two-piece downpipe with Patent Pending smooth flow flange allows for easy adjustment and fit up to the existing exhaust system
    • All fittings and oil/water lines are premium quality from well-known manufactures
    • Heavy duty 4-ply silicone couplers and full stainless t-bolt clamps at every boosted connection
    • Extreme duty turbo mount proven to hold the S400 in place in any conditions
    • S400 charger is placed in the optimal location for optimal routing of every component in the system
    • Color matching 24"x36" high resolution "Anatomy of a Pusher Compound Turbo System" poster included purchase
    • Does not require any welding, or major modification to the surrounding components in the engine bay. This is a true bolt-on system that can be installed in 4-8 hours depending on skill level and speed of work.
    • Included is every nut, bolt, hose, clamp, and even wire loom for a beautiful install
    • Various powder coat colors available

    Tech Specs

    • This kit can safely support 750HP to over 1000HP depending on turbo and fueling configuration
    • Proven to increase fuel mileage 1-2 MPG during daily driving and 2-4 MPG during towing and highway use
    • Unsurpassed EGT control, reductions over 200F are common in mild applications
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