Freedom Tuning 12V, 500 Amp Portable Jump-starter, Device Charger and LED Flashlight (Black)

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The Complete Portable Solution to your Car's Electrical Needs

The portable jump-starter ensures that you will never again find yourself wandering a parking lot in search of a good samaritan with jumper cables. The numerous adapters mean no device in your vehicle will run out of power and the LED Flashlight is invaluable for road side emergencies.

Never again fear a dead battery.

Weighing less than 1lb. and about the size of a hard-cover novel, this jump-starter from Freedom Tuning offers maximum portability, with the many extra benefits of traditional jump-starters. With 300 Cranking Amps and 500 Peak Amps, the Freedom Tuning jump-starter can start most vehicles (up to 8 cylinder/6L).

The jump-starter can fully charge in about 6 hours (overnight) when plugged into a standard home receptacle and will stay charged for 6-12 months. From a full charge, it will provide up to 30 jumps.

More than a jump-starter.

With the numerous included adapters and attachments, the Freedom Tuning Portable Jump-starter serves also a a charger for you small electronics. Able to fully charge a typical cell phone in 1.5 hours or a lap-top computer in 4 hours, not only will it get your car started, but keep your mobile communications running. Also, with the included car-charger adapter, you can recharge the unit on the go. Finally. the jump-starter includes a bright LED flashlight with "strobe" and "SOS" modes for when the car emergency is more than a dead battery.

Easy to use.

Although the Freedom Tuning Portable jump-starter offers numerous adapters and connectors, the unit is clearly marked to indicate where each connector goes. For example, to jump-start an engine, simply attach the included clamps to the receptacle marked "Engine Start". To charge a cell phone simply attach the familiar USB connector into it's familiar port.

Peace of mind.

In additional to a standard workmanship Warranty, the Freedom Tuning Portable Jump-starter comes with a 3 year Guarantee. And over the course of its typical 5 year lifespan, your investment will more than pay you back.

Kit Includes:

  • Base Unit
  • Jumper Cables with red and black clamps
  • USB output cable with adapters for most cell phones including iPhone
  • 12v and 19v Output Cable
  • 8 laptop adapters
  • Home Charging Cable
  • Vehicle Charging Cable
  • 1 Year Guarantee
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