Oracle LED Colorshifit 2.0 Halo Kit with remote for 1999-2004 Ford F250

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Halo kit wiring information:

Your Oracle Halo Kit can be wired to a 12V source such as your vehicle's parking lights but you can make sure that you do not have a low voltage DRL on the same circuit. If you are not sure if you have a low voltage DRL or do not know how disable the DRL it is best to connect your halos to switch or remote control that draws powers from your vehicle's interior fuse box. ORACLE Switches and remotes are available from us. We are an Authorized oracle business dealer.


These SMD Halo rings have a 3M adhesive backing on the rings to mount to your headlight housing. During installation ONLY remove the brown paper to expose the adhesive backing. DO NOT REMOVE THE ADHESIVE BACKING WHEN INSTALLING. If epoxy or silicone is mounted directly to the back of the PCB board, it can cause the halos to malfunction and will VOID your warranty on your halo kit.

If you are looking for the perfect car headlight customization: look no further then Oracle LED halos.

You can take your headlights and make them vibrant with these LED halos. They are easily installed with your existing headlights making it the perfect solution for customization and extra light. This unit is for Ford F250 1999-2004. It includes a remote to control the color displayed. The remote has a color indicator on it making it easy to change the color any time you want to. We also have them in blue, green, red, amber, UV/purple, pink and more color changing units for other vehicles as well. We also have pre-assembled units that you can get from us.

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