ORACLE LED Universal Illuminated Wheel Rings - Color Shift

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A Head-Turning Customization

Key Features:
Thousand of Color Combinations/Patterns
ORACLE Quality Flex LED Strip
Fits Around Brake Rotor
Can Withstand High Temperatures
Universal Fitment
Mounting Hardware Included
Fits up to 13.5" Rotor. Rotors over 13.5" are considered oversized and will need to add the Expanding Adapter option. Be sure to check the diameter of your brake rotor to ensure proper fitment.
See Below for Controller Options

Oracle Lighting Universal LED ColorSHIFT Illuminated Wheel Rings

These "Tron" inspired wheel rings were under wraps while construction, fitment, and durability was highly scrutinized by the Oracle Lighting R&D Team. Designed to fit around the brake rotors of your vehicle, the ring illuminates the barrel of the rim with High Grade Oracle LED Flex Strip.

Includes: 4x Aluminum Wheel Rings equipped with Premium ORACLE LEDs, ColorSHIFT Controller, 12x Aluminum Mounting Brackets (3 Per Ring), Hardware Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Screws, Installation Instructions.

Controller Options

ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller with IR Remote

New ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller has several advantages over the previous version. This new controller can be programmed by the operator for an almost endless number of colors and functions that the user can design and save on the units memory. Another major change to this new unit is that the box itself has a controller as well as a wireless infrared remote control. There is also a LED indicator on the unit that shows the operator what color the LEDs are set on at that time. New 2.0 controller also has twice the output and expandability as the previous version with 18A capacity which can power twice as many lights from this single box.

Smart WiFi LED Controller

The new ORACLE Smart WiFi LED Controller offers more versatility with increased functionality. Through the built in WiFi function, you can control various types of LED lighting products wirelessly with your mobile device or tablet. With a smaller overall dimension, the controller module can now be installed in areas where space is limited. Now with over double the amount of functions as previous versions, the new ORACLE Smart WiFi LED Controller boasts a wider and more reliable WiFi signal. The software application is free to download from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. Just scan the QR Code inside the instructions to download the app.

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