Tuner, Monitor, Gauge and Diagnostic Module | Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel

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Everything You Need In One Device

The Bullydog GT Platinum Diesel is one of the most popular tuners in the country. Providing increased horsepower, better fuel economy, monitoring, and diagnostic functions, the Bullydog will make your truck more like you've always imagined it could be. With the largest feature set and the widest range of vehicle applications, the Bully Dog puts you in control of your diesel truck.

NOTE: Dodge Cummins 2013-15 Require a PCM Unlock Cable.

Increased Power and Fuel Economy

Whether you need better towing power to get you down the road, improved performance across the board driving around town or the ability to pass with authority on the highway, the Bullydog GT Platinum will get it done on the fly. Through meticulous testing and engineering, Bullydog has developed a tuner that puts YOU in control.

Driving Coach

The unique driving coach feature is a data-driven program that helps you drive your truck in a way that will help you gain 2-3 Extra MPG.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

With real time monitoring you can ensure that your truck is operating safely and efficiently. If a dash light does come on, the Bullydog can help you clear it. No need to run to the mechanic, just look up the code and if you're able, fix it yourself.

Performance Testing

Want to see what your truck can really do in a quarter mile? In performance testing mode, the Bullydog will provide a full array of performance data for analysis and with it's online tools, even more.


  • Huge Horsepower and Torque Gains (Over 100 HP)
  • Improved Engine Efficiency
  • Four On-The-Fly Power Levels
  • Safety Defueling that protects your engine.
  • Loads of Downloadable Features like Speedometer Calibration
  • Display Over 15 Vehicle Parameters
  • Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Dtcs)
  • Vehicle Performance Testing
  • Free Performance Testing Software for PC Online
  • Exclusive Driving Coach Feature to further improve fuel economy.
  • Full Color Display with Multiple Color Themes
  • User Set Day and Night Driving Modes
  • Easy Installation
  • Internet Updates and Upgrades
  • Initiate DPF Burnoff onGm And 07.5 09 Dodge Diesel

Tow/Climb Demonstration. Stock = Less than speed limit. Bullydog = Cruising!

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